About Mikal Lewis

Hi, I’m Mikal Lewis, an Austin-based human, learner, and product management executive. As far as product experience, I’ve led new initiatives under franchises from 10 million to 1 billion users across web, mobile, and desktop working on Office, Windows, Xbox, Nordstrom, RetailMeNot, and Firefox.

On my journey, I’ve learned something about product culture—and what it takes to deliver world-class results, from standing up a new product culture to accelerating an existing one. In the end, product management is all about a growth mindset as an individual, a service mindset as a leader, and a competitive spirit1 as a product manager.

You’ll find these themes in my writing which I organize and publish as an unfinished book here at Praxis Product Management.

  1. But not competitive obsession as you’re used to thinking.

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